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Callie  -  photos by Deb Mills Photography

Family pet Fancy and her daughters were the mothers of the first Aussiedoodle litters.  These pups grow to about 45 pounds, intelligent, non/lite shedding and allergy compatible.  

Here are some puppy pics from previous litters -

The coat colouring of these pups shows the merle and tri-colours of the Aussie Shepherd.  When these pups grow up, their coat retains this gorgeous colouration and the length is very similar to a Goldendoodle's, but their fur has a softer texture.  

Oscar at 8 wks
photos courtesy of Davis Family
Oscar at 12 months
Oscar at 18 months

photos courtesy George family
photo courtesy Pitchen family

Here are some pics of Seamus!

Seamus at

5 weeks

and Seamus at


Here are some pictures of Charley the Aussiedoodle at 8 weeks old -

Charley at 15 weeks  -  growing up quickly!

Charleydoodle enjoying the great outdoors:

Aussiedoodle  pups  - F1B

They have beautiful coats very much like a Goldendoodle's but silker to the touch.

courtesy of Tan, Gellaty, Raffy, Waltenbury, Levinsky, Morgan, Kraft & Peever Families, Brandes Family

(courtesy of the Muirhead family)

courtesy of the Walsh Family

Chocolate Aussiedoodles Chloe & Zoey
photo courtesy of the Waltenbury Family

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