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Wallenstein, Ontario N0B 2S0
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Lovina & Joseph's Doodle Families

     We recently purchased a puppy from Lovina.  After numerous phone calls to Lovina to find out information on the goldendoodle breed and a trip to visit her Mennonite farm to choose our new puppy, we knew we had made a great decision.  

     Lovina was very informative during our conversations and when we visited her farm and saw the facility in which she kept the pups and the mothers, we were very impressed.  Everything was immaculate and the puppies were thriving.  It was such a cold day when we finally got to go and pick up Clancy but it was warm and cozy in the area where the puppies were kept.

We have recommended Lovina to many of the people who stop to ask us about Clancy.   We wouldn't hesitate to get another pup from her in the future.

The Sampson Family
December 2001

Shadow at 7 weeks

Sunny at 7 weeks
We are the Sterling family, and we got our two pups, Shadow and Sunny, from the Burkhart's.    The kennels are simple and immaculate.  When we first went to choose our pups, we were impressed with the care they took to keep their pups healthy.  Lovina had us dip the bottom of our boots in a cleansing solution before entering the kennel area.  We also had to wash our hands in a solution before touching the pups.

We met the mothers as the pups were still being nursed, and Lovina brought the fathers out to us, so we could meet them and judge their temperament.  We were very impressed with the way she treated and cared for the dogs.  They were happy, healthy dogs with wonderful dispositions.

Because we were taking two pups from separate litters, she put them together in a separate pen before we arrived to pick them up, so that they could bond.  We found that to be very considerate.

Sunny and Shadow are a never-ending source of joy to us.  There are four children in our family and the dogs have been great with them and the many kids who visit our home.  They were a breeze to house train -  they ring a bell by the back door to get let out.  They learn any trick in minutes.  They socialize well with other dogs, and even get along with our not-very-sociable cat.  As a great bonus to The Official House Vacuumer - they don't shed, what a treat!

They are remarkable dogs. Friendly, intelligent family pets. We've had dogs before, but never have we had dogs so laid back, easy to train, and affectionate.

Thank you Lovina & Joseph,

The Sterling Family
December 2001

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Lovina as a breeder.  When I first inquired about her puppies she was very easy to talk to and very helpful to us when picking out our puppy, Deejay.

 I had some concerns about the mother's temperament as we have a toddler, but Lovina assured us that some of her own children (she has ten!!) even ride on her Golden Retriever mothers!  I had several telephone conversations with her and she was always available to discuss any questions I had.

When we went to her farm we were very impressed with the condition of her kennels.  Only Lovina entered the pens where the pups and mothers were.  Each kennel was clean and heated under the floors.  She helped us choose a pup that would be suitable for us.  We wanted a large male, light coloured and wavy hair (fur?).  She could judge by the fur on the ears how the coat will be.  She felt Daffodil (our pup's mother) had an excellent temperament and she was very friendly when we approached her.

I have recommended Lovina to several people already and our puppy is a walking testament to the breed.  Everywhere we go, people comment on how beautiful Deejay is and how well behaved already at 14 weeks.

Yours truly,

Viv and Derek Downes,
Burlington, Ontario
December 2001

Just about one year ago we started to research the "perfect dream dog" for our family of five.  Our criteria included an intelligent, large, retriever-type dog that would be great with the kids, and non-shedding.

Our research led us to many different websites -- and it was then that we discovered doodles!  We were hooked by everything we read about these wonderful dogs.  We did have one problem though -- we wanted a labradoodle and wanted to find a local means for obtaining one rather than the other available options.  

Our problem was resolved the day I phoned Lovina to asked her about her goldendoodles.  It was during our conversation that she informed me she was breeding labradoodles and the first litter was due soon!  I was very impressed with Lovina's straight-forward manner.  And equally impressed by the clean facilities when we went to pick out our pup.

Our labradoodle, Ripley, is everything we were hoping for.  Although a light shedder, he has a wonderful temperament (very laid back) and is incredibly patient with our three kids.  He was very easy to train.

We're enjoying watching him grow and experiencing new things.  In fact, we love Ripley so much that we are now waiting for his labradoodle sister to join our family sometime this spring.  And, of course, we are getting her from Lovina too!

The Dahlin Family
Toronto, Ontario
February 2002

The name of our Golden Doodle is Charlie.  My son named him Charlie after a main character in the Disney movie "All Dogs Go To Heaven".  Charlie is quite a character all on his own.  We have had a wonderful experience with Lovina and Burkhart Kennels.  We were unable to travel to Burkhart Kennels due to an illness in the family.  We had never seen a Golden Doodle other than what was on the internet and that had me a bit concerned because of the wide difference in looks and 'facts' that each web site contained.  I decided to call and speak to the site that had the best looking doodles.  I called Burkhart Kennels and spoke with Lovina and explained to her what we were looking for in a dog and asked her to send us a puppy that would fit our needs.

Charlie arrived and immediately made himself part of the family.  Charlie is a very loving puppy.  He keeps us very entertained.  Charlie loves children.  My kids are 10 and 8 years old.  Charlie loves to play.  "Chase me" is his favorite game.  He likes to be chased.  He will also turn the tables and chase the kids.  But Charlie will also relax and cuddle just as quickly.
Allergies and asthma are an issue in our household.  Charlie does not shed.  He makes sure our kitchen floor is kept Cheerio free.  He insists on a crumb free environment.

He is more of a reddish, blondish, mocha color.  He is not fully grown yet so I am not sure on how big he is going to get.  These picture were taken at 17 weeks and he was 28 lbs.

We are very happy with our Charlie from Burkhart Kennels.

The Rollins Family
Arizona, USA
August 2003