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Lovina & Joseph's Doodle Families
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On a trip to California last spring we found our friends talking excitedly about Goldendoodles and Labradoodles.  Shawn and I had never heard of this cross. When we returned home to Toronto we immediately began surfing the Internet to find out more about “doodles”.  We discovered Lovina and Joseph's website and were hooked.  Fancy, their pet Australian Shepherd, had produced her first ever litter of Aussiedoodles - a cross between an Australian Shepherd Mom with an apricot coloured Standard Poodle Dad. The photos of those first Aussiedoodles were incredibly cute!  

Shawn and I called Lovina and asked her about her Aussiedoodles.  She was very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. We decided to go visit and we arrived to discover that Fancy had delivered her second litter of Aussiedoodles.  The pups were just 2 days old.  We fell in love with Seamus right then and there.

We were very impressed with Lovina and Joseph's kennels.  All the dogs were energetic and looked healthy, happy, and full of life.  The kennels were immaculate.  Shawn and I were most impressed with Fancy, the Australian Shepherd.  She was so kind, and gentle towards us when we peeked in at her pups.  We knew then that her pups would have a fabulous disposition.

Seamus has been a non-stop source of delight for Shawn and myself.  He is loving, playful, inquisitive, very intelligent, bouncy, and quite an imp at times.  He is incredibly friendly with people, children, and other dogs. He doesn't shed which is fabulous, and even our friends with dog allergies have been able to visit with Seamus and have no problems. People constantly stop us in the street wanting to meet Seamus and know all about him.  He is quite the handsome guy!

Thank you Lovina and Joseph for Seamus, the wonderful new addition to our family!

Barbara Coulston and Shawn Kenny

January 2005

Seamus on the farm at about 11 weeks old.

Seamus at 4 1/2 - 5 months


We took home a few weeks back, a great Labradoodle from Lovina’s farm near Wallenstein.  She’d asked we forward you some pictures when we had the time so here are some.
“Roscoe” has been a great addition to our family.
Our 3 daughters love him (More than he can handle some days) and he and his big Sister “Gracie” have tons of fun together.

We’ll forward more pictures as he grows.

Chris And Lesley,

We brought home Loki, our golden doodle on January 28th 2005. We did a lot of research on the breed and breeders before deciding to get our doodle from Burkhart’s. It was a great decision.

Lovina was very informative when we talked to her on the phone. We asked for a puppy that would grow up to be a wavy cream coloured doodle and that is exactly what we got. Loki is a gorgeous dog. We get stopped in the street all the time by people wondering where we got him from and we even had professional dog walker stop us to say that we have the best looking dog she has ever seen.

We flew out to Ontario to pick up Loki. Lovina showed us around the farm and we met Loki’s parents and saw some of the other puppies. The dogs were all well cared for and in a good environment.

Loki is a dog with personality. He is very loving and playful. He is a social dog who loves people, especially children, and also loves to meet other dogs. Loki is now 4 ½ months old and continues to grow everyday. He has made a wonderful addition to our family and we are very happy with our choice of breeder. We would not hesitate to recommend Burkhart’s to anyone looking for a goldendoodle.

David and Farran