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Lovina & Joseph's Doodle Families
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In July of 2004, my family brought home Silver, a male Aussiedoodle puppy, from Burkhart Kennels. He was by far the biggest pup in the litter, and weighed 9 lbs. Now, a little over a year later, he weighs about 60lbs. He is not overweight, but is quite tall.

Silver at 3 months
at 4 months

Silver loves to cuddle, and his favourite place to lie is right on top of you. He doesn't shed at all, and I am not allergic to him like I am to other cats and dogs. He is very smart, and has never chewed any furniture in our house (though he does like to chew socks). He was housetrained easily.
Silver at 5 months

My family was impressed with the cleanliness of Burkhart Kennels, and enjoyed meeting both of Silver's parents, his mother- Australian Shepherd "Princess", and father- Standard Poodle "Goldy". Mrs.Burkhart always had time to let us visit Silver, and used the name we had picked out when herfamily took him outside, so that by the time we brought him home, he knew his name.

Silver loves long walks and runs, especially with other dogs, and needs at least 40 minutes of exercise a day. Whether this is because he is so big or not, we are not sure. He needs frequent brushing when his fur is long, like in the pictures , but we got him buzzed down for the summer, to reduce grooming and keep him cool.

One year old

Overall, Silver is very special, and we wouldn't hesitate to get another dog from Burkhart Kennels.

The Clynick family.

Silver at 2½ years old

In Nov – Dec  I was looking for an Aussie Doodle (was led ) to Lovina Burkhart, and I ended up buying a great dog from her.

Our Dood is chocolate brown, and we named her Kahlua. She was born Nov. 19th, and I got her as a Christmas present to the family after we had to put down our 15 year old Australian Shepherd in November.

Anyway, we took delivery of Kahlua (via Air Canada from Ontario to Tampa, Florida) back in January...

Kahlua is an awesome pup. Great personality, loves to be surrounded by the family, and is extremely smart and well-behaved. We love her to pieces. My teenage boys have her catching soft frisbees and she rings bells on a string at the front door to go out. She has taken her rightful spot as a full-fledged family member.

Thanks for hooking me up with Lovina, and please pass on the word to her that Kahlua is doing fantastic!


My journey began in the winter of 2003 when I got lucky enough to learn about goldendoodles.  At that time, it seemed like all of the most respected breeders were farther than a car trip away. The few exceptions were not going to have puppies available when I wanted one.  So, the only question was “in what direction should I fly?” Lovina Burkhart's name kept appearing on the Goldendoodle website as a wonderful breeder, and it seemed like every dog whose look I loved was from Burkhart Kennels.

So, I took the plunge and called her.  Even though her family is extremely large, and her life is complicated by the lack of some modern conveniences, Lovina always had time to answer my questions and make me feel comfortable with my choice.

I requested the darkest apricot or red in the litter, because I think they're beautiful. But I also requested a very calm pup.  When the time came for selection, Lovina  suggested that I go with a lighter pup because he was a very calm one. Everyone's advice was to trust a reputable breeder in terms of picking the right puppy for your family.  I'm so glad that we did!  Lovina and her family really knew the puppies from watching them for 7 or 8 weeks.  They were in a much better position to chose that I would have been in a few minutes of observation.  Of course, I now think that Winnie is gorgeous-except after he rolls around in the mud!

Winnie (Winfred=friend of peace in Gaelic) came home to New Jersey on May 22, 2004.  He was eight weeks old. We left the Burkhart's farm at 11:30 AM and went by car to the airport in Toronto. Our plane was delayed, so we spent many hours in the airport with everyone wanting to look at this sweet little puppy.  He was a total angel!  In the plane, he was supposed to be in his carrier under my seat, but the flight attendants and the passengers sitting next to me were so nice about him sitting on my lap. He made it to Newark airport and then the half hour ride home totally clean and dry!  We got home after 10 PM, so he had held it for almost 11 hours!

Winnie was totally house trained in under two weeks, and has NEVER had an accident in the house since then.  He loves being around people of all ages and he socializes well with other dogs. He loves to run, loves to play, but also loves to nap. He is incredibly affectionate and seems to think of himself as a 65 pound lapdog!

I'm crazy about this dog and would recommend Burkhart Kennels to anyone.  They gave Winnie a wonderful start on life!

Evelyn Shalom

We had put our last dog, "Singa" down about a year and half prior. My youngest daughter kept telling us we needed a dog, but my heart wasn't fully ready and kept saying no. Finally I broke down and told her that if she could find a medium to large sized dog, that doesn't shed and isn't a poodle (though I like poodles), I would consider it. Two weeks later she found (the Goldendoodle) website and directed me to it. After all the helpful information the website had, I narrowed down the breeder to Burkhardt Kennels and contacted Lovina. As mentioned by everyone who is contact with Lovina and her family, I was very impressed with her willingness to answer many questions and, when I first visited her farm, I was also impressed with the facilities, the care and quality of dogs.

We chose the only black
goldendoodle of the litter
and brought home "Maza"
the end of August 2005.

The whole family instantly fell in love. She was easily trained and so sociable with both people and other dogs and even our cat "Lola". Since "Lola" we've adopted another cat "Lita", who actually curls up and sleeps with "Maza". Sometimes "Maza" forgets they are cats and will try to play tag and tumble with them. She is typically the friendliest dog in the park and if dogs could speak, I can almost hear the other dogs say "Here comes Maza, now we'll have some fun!"

She is fully committed to the whole family and always wants to please us. Here she is in the early months, allowing my daughter's to dress her up.
Training went extremely well. She learned to go to one spot in the backyard quite quickly, learned to ring a bell to ask to go outside and responded to all the basic commands so easily, that I kept thinking she was truly the smartest puppy around!

She is about 1 1/2 years old now. We like the look of her when she is shaggy…(here she is having fun in the snow.)

However, she does get hot and if we don't keep up with the brushing she can easily get matted. Therefore we will get her trimmed. Based on the past year. 3 times a year is enough for us and easy on her.

Here she is during the summer at a wedding - one of the hottest days. Luckily we had her trimmed beforehand.

You'll notice she has a tinge of grey in her. Both her parents were golden, but somewhere there is the recessive black gene. We believe because of the fact that both parents are golden and the black gene is recessive, the black coloring she had as a puppy won't remain and she will eventually turn grey all over.

People often stop and ask about her and I always mention that I personally believe she is one of the best breeds around. Everything I have read about this breed and specifically dogs from Burkhardt kennels has come to fruition and I would highly recommend both Lovina and this breed. The combination of the golden retriever and standard poodle are just a perfect match. We are now looking at getting another dog and specifically the aussiedoodle.