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Lovina & Joseph's Doodle Families
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We got Buffy, Aussiedoodle, from the Burkharts in June 2004. She is a Blue
Merle from Fancy's second litter of Aussiedoodles.

She was the most adorable puppy ever.  She instantly became a member of the
family. She is friendly and energetic. She doesn't shed but does mat easily.
We keep her hair short most of the time.  Buffy loves water.  She started,
her own version of dock diving 2 years ago.  We'll have to take her to
classes.  She runs so fast, sometimes we think there's got to be "greyhound"
in her. It's got to be the Australian Shepherd, herding and all.  She greets
us with a smile every time we come home.

Our Ausiedoodle is so affectionate and we love her too!

The Goertz Family
Virgil, ON

This is Blu who at 3 is 60lb, born, 7/03.
His mother is Fancy, dad, Bentley.
Wonderful; warm, loving and gentle, smart, obedient, loyal.
His sister, Geri is also in St. Louis.
this is a great and special animal that is selective,
expressive, affectionate and fun.

At eight months, he jumped in a pond at our Forest Park.
He swims, likes being bathed, car trips and did well
in puppy classes at Pet Smart, too. There, he showed
his lineage and superior breeding came out.

Blu was one in this photo.

Luka was born on December 17, 2006 and his mother was a chocolate lab called Candy. Actually, I think that it may be Luka who is featured as one of Labradoodle pups on the Burkhart website.   Luka adapted to his new home quite quickly and is truly a joy to be around. He is a very active puppy who equally loves both other pets as well as humans, and is quite content as long as he is in the company of others.

We have him enrolled in Puppy Classes where he is quick to pick up on basic commands and loves to romp around with the other puppies. His eyes, though blue initially, have turned a stunning green colour and are admired by everyone who meets him. Hopefully they will stay green. And his coat, though chocolate brown earlier has now turned more café in colour. I will send in more pictures over time.

Here are a few pictures of Luka taken when he was about one year old.  We like to leave him shaggy as it suits his character.   He is a big boy weighing in at 76lbs, but he's also a gentle giant who has brought my family much joy.

This is Paju the Aussiedoodle, from Burkhart’s Kennel. She was born May 22, 2006, her mother was Honey, one of Burkhart’s Australian Shepherd’s.

We brought her home July 21, 2006
Paju at 10 weeks old

Paju at 4 months old, her second trip in a canoe.

Paju at 7 months
Paju at 9 months