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Lovina & Joseph's Doodle Families
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Dear Lovena,

     We wanted to write and tell you just how wonderful Subi is and to share some photos with you. We sensed when we first met his mother, Fancy and one of her first litters, that her Aussiedoodle pups would be just wonderful. We were right! Two years later we came back and found Subi (born March 16, 2006) in a later litter. From his first day home, Subi was loving and friendly to everyone, but also had an independent streak that showed character. He is wonderful at playing with other friendly dogs, especially other doodles. Whenever we have walked him in the park from his puppy days to today (18 months), people have stopped us, petted him, and spontaneously remarked at how handsome and friendly he is. These remarks have even come from other dog lovers walking with their own dogs. In addition to this, Subi is extremely bright. He was house trained within a week and has never made a mistake since. He has done very well at agility class, happily running through snaking tunnels, jumping over hurdles and through rings. He even won his first agility competition!  
     Many think Subi looks like a little bear when his hair is long. However, he is very trim, weighing 57 pounds fully grown. And he is very strong: it is all muscle.
     By the way, Subi is the Australian nickname for the town of Subiaco outside of Perth, Australia. We lived there for 6 months the year before we got Subi and had a great time. It only seemed fitting to name our super Aussiedoodle after our great Australian experience!
     It is fair to say that Subi is the most wonderful dog that either of us has ever met: loving, friendly, playful, and very bright. Even the people at his doggie day care have said that Subi has a truly wonderful personality. Also, he does not shed and is hypoallergenic. (Like human hair, his hair does have to be groomed periodically to prevent matting.) We would recommend Aussiedoodles from Burkhart Kennels to anyone wanting a truly fantastic canine addition to their family!

Hugh and Fran

Subi at 6 weeks when we first met him
Subi at 8 weeks on his first day home

Subi with ball at 10 weeks
Subi on floor at 10 weeks

Subi's first summer (4 months)
Subi's Christmas portrait (9 months)

Subi loves snow (10 months)
Subi bounding in dog park (15 months)

Fran with Subi (16 months)

Roxie is a black goldendoodle.  Here are some photos from the morning we brought her home.

Roxie's first winter, loving the snow!

Spring of '07

Very snuggly puppy

Roxie loves swimming!

Playing in the pool

Jumping in

After her first groom as the colour changes

Roxie loves everyone including the neighbours' cat! And she licks them until their soaked!

 We brought Roxie home about a year ago. She is a black goldendoodle. She is a very happy dog and loves to play in the snow in the winter. In the summer she loves to cool off with a swim.  She loves everything:  people, other dogs, cats, our parrot and even squirrels. Our neighbour’s cat is regularly soaked by Roxie’s kisses.  Roxie was a star in puppy training class and loved to play with all the other dogs.  We trained her with a bell that she rings when she wants to go outside.  
In our family, there are two people with allergies to dogs, but we haven’t had any problems with Roxie. Roxie is the daughter of Violet & Ginger. When we got her, she was black but now a lot of the golden retriever has come through, and her face and legs are very light. When we first brought her home, she fit in half an orange box but now she’s fully grown and is 64 pounds!
She still cries at the door when we leave but a few minutes later, she goes to the kitchen to see if we’ve left anything unattended on the counter, such as croissants or bagels.  She’s always keen to do anything and everything such as getting in the car, going for walks, going to visit with people, going to the groomer’s, and she even races to the door at the vet’s.  
The Cass Family