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Frida at 4 months
5 months

I'm sending you an update of our lovely girl, Frida, whom I got from Lovina in late December, and brought home to Halifax.  She's 8 months old today, from Daisy's first litter.
Frida is a quiet, self-contained but affectionate dog.  Most people who see her think she's gorgeous!  As she's gotten older, her looks have become more poodle-like, but that may be partly because of the way she's been groomed; we had her trimmed to 1" long all over about a month ago, and so her sleek shape is more evident.  She has wavy fur that is a pale golden colour, with darker ears and backs of her legs, and sheds minimally, which doesn't appear to have caused any allergic reactions.  
She's definitely on the petite side: she stands 20" high from the shoulder down, and is about 23" long from tail to neck.  She weighs 34 lbs.; the vet thinks she'll top out at 40 lbs., but she's only gained 3-4 lbs. in the past two months, so she may not get that big.  She's a confident and gentle dog, approaching the world with curiosity and some caution, but wildly enthusiastic about meeting new people and dogs, especially children.  She's learned not to jump on people, and has been very easy to train.  She's already been swimming in the lakes nearby, and took to it completely naturally.  Our 10 year old poodle Jake, who is a dominant dog, gets along beautifully with her.
Frida at 6 months
7 months

8 months
9 months

I just wanted to send some pictures to Mrs. Burkhart of Maxie and to thank her for the most wonderful puppy I can imagine.

Our ride home to New Hampshire was a long 14 hours (lots of pit stops for the puppy).  While she got car sick three times in the first hour, she was great after that and didn't whine or fuss at all.

She adjusted easily to her new home, sleeping through the first night, using her training papers, and generally trying to fit in.  While she didn't eat a lot at first, by today her appetite is back to normal and she's finishing her bowl of food.

After the first night, she has slept through from 10 to 5 or 5:30 without begging to go out and without messing in her pen--how she does that, I don't know; but she's ready to go as soon as I get her up and out in the morning.  Our walks are fun:  she picks up leaves and drops them after a while to snatch another, all the time prancing like a show horse; she grabs the lower part of her leash and walks me around--if I'm headed in to the house before she's had time to finish her business, she literally pulls me back to the grass.  She's really smart, even figuring out a way to stand on her crate and leap out of her pen (she no longer has that option, as I've replaced the crate with a bed).

She's just a great puppy--sweet, beautiful, and super-smart.  She's already learned to sit on command when she's about to get a treat.

I'm not sure whether I'm going to be interested in getting a companion for Maxie, but it could happen.  When it does, I'd love to find a puppy as sweet as she is and a merle with really black markings (although not solid black).  I'll let you know as soon as a final decision is reached.  It won't be until next year, however.

Thanks again for a wonderful dog.

Hi Lovina,

We thought you would enjoy this picture of Sage. This was back in November,in Sedona,Arizona. She has grown quite a bit since then, she's about 35lbs now. She was 9 months yesterday. She has been the best dog for our family. Her favorite thing to do is fetch!! She almost always has some sort of ball in her mouth, either a squeaky ball or a tennis ball :) It's getting hot here now and she doesn't much like the heat, so she's spending more time indoors. Don't be surprised if you don't get a call from us in the future inquiring on another playmate for Sage.

All the best to your family and thanks again for the best dog ever!!!!!

Joe, Michelle, Nico and Joseph

I wanted to send you some pictures from our dog Kira (her father is medium brown poodle and the mother is an australian shepherd). She was born on the 1st-April and 7 weeks on the pictures.


He truly is full of beans just as Lovina said. Beanz now lives in King city and loves his big yard with so many areas to explore. He is a very smart puppy... Even his new Vet Stephanie agrees.


Beanz at 7 months---the past pal ever!

We bought a Goldendoodle puppy at Lovina’s recently.  He is a male pup from Violet.
We love him so much!  He is awesome.

Aussiedoodle pup from Midnight
at new home with Puppy Lovers.
Doing great and almost potty trained.

I'm writing to share some of our puppy pictures of Ferris - our goldendoodle we bought from Lovina and Burkhart Kennels (born on Buehler Line no less!). Lovina was truly a wonderful breeder and we can't say enough good things about our experience there!

Ferris is a wonderful puppy and now at 6 months, makes us laugh everyday. She's loveable, friendly and full of excitement. She doesn't shed at all and my husband - who is allergic to all animals - doesn't even sniffle with her!!!

Thanks so much