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Lovina & Joseph's Doodle Families
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We live very far north in Alberta in a city called Fort McMurray.Our family pet Maggie a small poodle mix was very ill with cancer and it was a matter of time before we had to put an end to her pain. With three kids I knew that another puppy would help with the tradition when the time came to put Maggie to sleep.

When I was doing my research on Goldendoodles I came across Burkhart kennels and after talking to Lovina my mind was set to purchase a puppy from her Kennels.

My choice has been one of great pleasure for our entire family and if ever in the further we are interested in another puppy I would not consider another breeder after the wonderful dog we now have.

Lovina helped me by narrowing down my decision as to the puppy that would be shipped out to me by plane . I had my heart set on a female dog so it was down to three. A chocolate , golden or white puppy. I picked the middle of the pack, the golden. Lovina and I talked daily and she asked me what it was I expected from a family pet and by the end of the week she had suggested that I pick a different puppy that she felt would be better suited to our family needs. She felt the little white puppy would be better in our home from the conversations we had had  over the telephone and I went with her decission after all who knew better the her? When our puppy came to us it was indeed the little white bundle of joy Lovina felt would make our home complete.

Thank you Lovina you could not have chosen a better dog for our family. Luna is the glue that holds us together.
Shortly after Luna came to us we indeed had our little Maggie put down and the kids threw themselves upon Luna with such love it healed our hearts.

 My kids treat her as a playmate , dressing her up in clothes and playing with her on the trampoline. She has never even shown her teeth regardless of the situation . No matter where we go people stop  and are amazed at her beauty and temperament that shows good breeding. Luna has learned quickly and can do more tricks then any other dog I have met, she is very low key and has never been rough even as a puppy . We have never had her stray , chew, or growl. Luna is well loved as a member of a family as you can clearly see in the pictures.

One day my hope is to take her to Burkhart kennels and show her off to Lovina and her family. You never know what the future holds and at the same time another puppy may go home with us.

Regards the Imeson-Mercer family.



Crosby's parents are Captain and Lilac.  He is the BEST dog!! He has a wonderful temperment. We have four kids and he puts up with lots, and he is very patient with my kids, who aren't always gentle. He was supposed to be 40-45 lbs but he is currently 65lbs.  He is so smart. My husband has him doing all kids of tricks, like playing dead. He learned them all in under an hour.

He greets us at the door puffed up and prancing like a show horse. He always gives us a gift (shoe or boot) and he makes a wonderful whinny noise. He does that even if we just go out to the car for a moment. He doesn't shed but now that he is one his hair is longer and he needs to be brushed often to prevent knots.

My husband suffers from terrible allergies and he did take Claritin for several months to adjust but now he is fine with Crosby and they are best buddies. I can't say enough about this dog. He is a wonderful addition to our family.  We are so lucky to have him.

The Moorhead Family



Chili was born Aug 15 2011 – so almost 1 year old.  She is such a gentle, friendly dog!  Almost 50 pounds!

The Cohen Family


Kevin and I are enjoying Holly very much, she is a good puppy and training very well for us.   We love having her and she is great company.


Coombs family:

The apricot golden doodle is almost 1 yr old, and his name is Ryder.  The white golden doodle is 4.5 yr old, Rosco.  Both, were purchased from Burkhart kennels.  These are amazing family dogs, playful and good natured.  Very smart and obedient.  We love our dogs!!


Jenny, Jenny's Mom & Adoption Day

1st stop on our way home 3 hr drive and Jenny was wonderful slept in my arms all the way home she is beautiful!

thank you Lovina

We love her

John & Cindy Brough
1st day home and Jenny's already so calm and happy

The daughter of Captain and Hettie, Maggie is wonderful.

The McCulloch Family


I just wanted to share a few pictures of my male pup Lucas I got from Lovina Burkhart at Burkhart Kennels. He is a 9 week old aussiedoodle from Coffee’s litter. (Australian Shephard mom, Poodle dad)
I spoke to Lovina yesterday just to tell her how  happy I am with my Lucas. He is such a well behaved boy! He is very friendly, very docile and very obedient! Already at only 9 weeks he responds to his name and can sit on command! He is also now fully potty trained, he knows exactly where to go, even if he does have a few accidents every now and again. He is a joy to walk as well, he does not pull or lag behind. All in all I am extremely happy with the new addition to my family. I am attaching a few pictures in case you wanted to put them up in Lovina’s website. I will certainly be recommending Burkhart Kennels to anyone who is interested in getting a puppy.


From the Linkletter Family :

Here is Charlie making himself at home! He arrived this afternoon and is so loving.


We purchased our Aussiedoodle "LUCY" from Burkhart Kennels.  She is a Blue Merle, Tri Colour, Wavy coat.  The pictures are when she is 4 weeks old, 8 weeks and 11 weeks.  She is now 12 weeks old.

The Beer Family

May 4th, 2013
What a face!
11 weeks on Lucy's Place

17 weeks old and 16 pounds

almost a year old